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Christmas 2016: “Luke: the Gospel of Hospitality”

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Fall 2016: “God’s grace”

Fall 2016 Newsletter

“…where heart meets heart…” reports from 2015 annual meeting


“Christian Science Nursing Anywhere, Everywhere and All Ways” Panel


Annual Meeting 2014 summary officer reports and Gratitude


Invitation to 2014 Annual Meeting


Bernice Doane’s talk “Love’s Pathway” from 2013 annual meeting


Includes Pat Cameron’s summary report and officer reports from 2013 annual meeting.


Pat Cameron’s full report from 2013 annual meeting

Full Text 2013 Nurses Report

Invitation to 2013 Annual Meeting Plus Desk Announcement


Includes Pat Cameron’s report and officer reports from the 2012 annual meeting.

WINTER 2012 Newsletter 

Includes part of the talk “Who is Driving You?” given by Ann E. Hastings, CS at the 2012 annual meeting.

FALL 2012 Newsletter

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