We may be faced at times in our experience with challenges that suggest that something is missing or lacking. It may be a lack of funds for a worthwhile project such as sending a child to college, or a lack of proper job opportunities, or a lack of physical health to name a few. Whenever there is a situation that suggests insufficiency or lack of something needed, it could be helpful to remember how Mary Baker Eddy handled several very challenging situations.

For example, when Mrs. Eddy lived at Pleasant View in Concord, New Hampshire, it had not rained for the entire month of November 1894. The farmer, who delivered milk to her household, “told the cook that his well was empty and his cows were beginning to go dry. When Mrs. Eddy was told about the situation, she smiled and said, ‘Oh! if he only knew that Love fills that well.’ The next day when the farmer came, he was overjoyed to tell the cook that that morning he had found his well full of water. And what was amazing to him was that no rain had fallen to fill it.” (1)

This experience happened just as the construction of the Original Edifice of The Mother Church was nearing the day that Mrs. Eddy was confident it would be completed so that a service could be held there before the end of the year. In December things were looking hopeless. The bell tower was not finished. The auditorium was filled with scaffolding and there were no balcony or pews. The walls and ceiling were not yet plastered. Added to this was the lack of laborers, supplies and time. (2)

Mrs. Eddy wrote to the Board of Directors on December 10, telling them about the experience with the farmer and his well. The challenges faced in building the church were met and overcome. The first service was held in the new edifice on Sunday December 30, 1894. It was with this service that the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mrs. Eddy became the Pastor of The Mother Church.

As we face our challenges, we can be assured as Science and Health states, “The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fills all space. That is enough!” (3) So it fills that well no matter what form it takes or how empty it seems!

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